Headdress Mask
Sande Female Secret Society Helmet M
Yaka Initiation Mask
Bembe Ceremonial Mask
Ceremonial Mask With Beard
Female Statute
Terra Cotta Vessel - Woman with Hips
Songye Fetish Power Figure (Nkisi)
Warrior Mask
Female Fertility Figure
Female Fertility Figure
Masks With Cowrie Shells

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Headdress Mask

Baga People Guinea (Conakry), West Africa The colossal wooden headdress is more than six feet tall and is usually strapped to one dancer. The mask has a horizontal alignment that consists of a crocodile jaw, a human-like face, antelope horns, a snake body and chameleon tail. During a performance, a thick coat of raffia and a cloth cape were attached to the holes that encircle the mask.